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A good style is almost a mentor. The ability to express your thoughts clearly in writing is an invaluable aid, not just in communicating your ideas, but in thinking them through. I can show you how to make writing part of your ongoing process, both as an individual and as an organization.

My coaching normally begins with a seminar about "writing process reengineering" for the members of the organization who would like to improve their writing. By "writing" I mean both the product and process, and my aim is to get the participants to see that "writing well" means being able to make effective use of a finite set of resources to achieve a range of definable goals. As with any other skill, moreover, mastery implies the ability to enjoy it.

The participants are then instructed to make an eight-week plan for their writing process. Every week I meet with them in groups to discuss their progress and look at their writing. Like athletes improving their conditioning or musicians who practice regularly, however, participants normally don't need to be shown they are making progress. Writing deliberately every day, they can themselves see their competence and their confidence growing.